Best Prices on New Plug Gages

We need to get some new Westport thread plug gage units at the factory, because the ones we have are kind of old, and it is not clear that they are giving measurements within the tolerances that we have set for our products. So I will need to place an order to get some more, and I need to figure out the exact ones we need to replace. I am going to have to go down to the floor, and figure that out, and write it down, so when I go back to my office, I will be able to place the order.

That is pretty much the last thing that I need to do before I punch out for the day. I can’t wait, because it has been a long day, and a long week. Luckily, there is only one more day before the weekend. I am going to need the time off to rest my back. I strained it yesterday at work, helping out with a project that isn’t really in my job description. But I was trying to be helpful. It was a mistake though, and I did not realize that I had hurt myself at the time. Woke up and was a little bit stiff this morning, but I did not think too much of it.

However, as the day has gone on, it has gotten worse and worse, and right now, all I can think about is going home and kick off my shoes. It will sure be nice, and if I had some sick days available, I would probably take tomorrow off. But I can’t do that, so I just have to hope it gets better over night. I am going to go ahead and place this order, then go ask my supervisor is I can punch out early.

Sharing a Place with These Two Guys

I got in on this and so far it has not been bad at all. Of course I was worried that I might not like it, because living with a couple of guys can be bad a lot of the time. So far everyone is doing right though and no one is being obnoxious. This is a great big old house. It is nice because it is about half a mile from the college campus and there are a ton of good looking college girls here. We have one of those directv packages and the three of us are splitting the cost of every little thing. So long as we all kick in at the end of the month it is pretty sweet. Of course there is a good bit of partying going on and I will not act like that does not happen, but so far it has been in the proper flow.

Of course all three of us are working five days a week and so we are not really able to let it all hang out. We do not have that sort of money either. I am doing this because I have to make my car payment and my auto insurance, so I need to save money any place that I can. I have been dating this girl off and on too, which is quite expensive as well. If you take a girl out any place at all it can easily take up a big chunk of my pay check. So I can not afford to do it up right all of the time. The girl and I are not really having the best scheduling either, so it is not like we are able to go out every night of the week even if we wanted to do it.

The Fake Profiles on the Web

Did you know that you can buy Instagram followers for cheap? If you’re attempting to brand yourself or your business, social media is a marketing tool that should not, cannot, be ignored. While Facebook and Twitter battle for the top spot in the social media world one thing is clear – Facebook far surpasses all other social networking sites, including MySpace and LinkedIn. Twitter is undeniably hot but the 140-character limitation is, well, limiting. MySpace has clearly focused on making itself uber-hot for teens. LinkedIn is a great business tool but still keeps a corporate-like environment hovering over its virtual conference room, and without the water cooler conversation happening on Facebook, it just doesn’t measure up to the FB traffic, yet.

Facebook works because it crosses boundaries. When used correctly, business owners, managers and supervisors can tap into both business and personal connections. And for those who use FB on a personal level, the connections and “friends” can lead to fantastic business opportunities – if you create and use the Facebook page to the maximize the site’s potential. Remember, many profiles across the social mediasphere are fakes, too! Don’t be fooled.

There is an age-old saying: In the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog. It is commonly used as a reference to those who portray themselves, through various profiles, with altered images and a carefully constructed story, as something which, in real life, they are not. The construction of an alternative ego, a different personality slightly removed from reality is common to all Internet users regardless of age, gender or social position. Everyone wishes to be seen as something slightly better, something slightly different to what they really are, to appear more interesting, more attractive. It is an absolutely normal state of affairs, a human failing, if you will, which we all know, all practice and all accept.