Getting Ready to Work on My Own is Not Hard

I have been telling my husband for the past year or so that I wanted to be my own boss. He reminded me that when you do not have to work for anyone else, you are responsible for every little thing for your own business, and that can be tough. Hearing that made me realize that I needed to do my research ahead of time to get ready for things that I would need. He pointed out that his friends use an invoice generator for all of their invoicing purposes, and I will need to pay attention to things like that to keep everything organized on my end.

I wondered if the program that my husband mentioned would be out of my price range, so I did some snooping online and found a program that does it for free. I read over the page thoroughly to make sure that I was not missing anything, but it looked very thorough in all of the things that it allows you to do. The best part is that you can set it up so that anyone that you invoice can simply press a button and pay you instantly. This did not seem so hard to handle at all. I quickly downloaded it and already have it ready to use.

I figured that it would be a good idea to do some more searching to figure out what other things that I would need to handle. I found some great articles for first-time business owners that explained everything in depth, yet very simply so that someone like me could understand everything. It really did not seem like this would be as tough as my husband thinks it will be. Setting things up seems like the easy part. The real test will be to make sure that I stay focused with getting my work done in the first place.

Teaching Children by Letting Them Participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal Shopping

Our kids help us save on their holiday gifts. They are frugal and pick the one electronic item they want or actually may need for school above all the other stuff being offered. Then they wait for the announcement of the Cyber Monday 2015 deals that will be available after Black Friday. The pre-announced deals make it so they can decide whether we should go out on Black Friday or wait until Cyber Monday to get their major holiday gift. They come to us armed with data and sales circulars from all of the stores along with printouts from stuff they have seen online.

They are like little shopping experts. They compare the brands and the manufacturing specs. They look at averages for reviews and are ready to explain why a certain specification for one product is superior to that of another. It may all sound cute, but it is actually helping them to become highly discerning shoppers. We don’t want our kids just buying stuff because they saw a flashy ad. We want them to know where the money is going and what they are getting in return for any money spent regardless if it is a gift or their earnings.

My wife is a real deal spotter. She knows it is more than just the price of something that determines its value. She is instilling this knowledge into our children. Who knows, they may be in a position one day making decisions for purchasing millions of dollars of something for a major corporation. Even if that never happens, they will have to be able to control their own budgets that include paying bills, managing credit and making purchases of things from groceries to laptop computers. Cyber Monday shopping and its counterpart of Black Friday sales can be used as a teaching tool with kids.