I Found a Solution Online Very Easily

Of all the things I learned in high school, learning all that you need to know to get a job wasn’t one of them. Oh, sure, I learned about history, math, science and all the other things that you probably will not use in life, but the main topic that I found myself needing to know about this last year, I knew little about. I was consumed with what to wear to an interview, what to say, how to present myself. Searching online for much-needed info, I found a resume template on a site that had many of them. It helped instill confidence in me that I could find a job.

The issue is that I was 18 years old and suddenly feeling very alone in the world. Both of my parents had perished in a car crash. I had graduated from high school just months before, and I was 18 years old. Had it been one year earlier, there would have been people who would have stepped in to put me in the care of people who could look out for me. But because I was an adult when it happened, I was left to my own devices. I needed a way to pay the rent on my parent’s small home, pay utilities and put food on the table.

I missed my parents something fierce, but I did not have much time to grieve. I needed to begin working immediately. I spent several nights working on a resume. Because of my lack of work history, I did not have a lot of experience to put on it. But what little I did have, I wanted it to look nice. I had done a lot of volunteer work and had even worked for my dad for a short time. I made everything looked great and set out to find a job. I was lucky to find something after only 2 week’s time and get a real paycheck now!