I Helped This Lady Move Today

I guess it was not a very big deal at all really, in fact the young lady was not really taking a lot of things with her. The furniture store was going to deliver much of the things that would have been irksome, meaning furniture. In fact the place she was moving into was on the 12th floor of a 15 floor Executive Condo building called Parc Life EC, which is right close by the Sembawang MRT Station and Canberra Park. Mostly what I seemed to be moving was kitchen goods. The girl was a really good cook. In fact she made lunch for me and the truck driver and neither of us were complaining after she was done. The job was not really that tough, because the driver had managed to get all of the things we needed. Each of us had a cart and that was a really great thing. Each cart held what would have required about five trips to have carried and obviously you have to go up and do in the elevators.

These places are brand new and there was almost no one else around, which was pretty eery to be honest. There was this really cute girl and at first she tried to sell me one of the units. The driver told me that I should have played along and tried to get her number, which would have been a lot smarter than just telling her that I could not afford such a place. Of course I could not believe that I had to say that I did not have the money for the place, it seemed to me as though it would have been rather obvious. At any rate that was just a little side event and the rest of it went rather smoothly.