My Wife Got Me Interested in a New Way of Eating Healthy Meals

My wife surprised me one night when a big box showed up on our doorstep and it was full of all sorts of pre-made meals. I had previously told her that I was not interested in going on a diet with her, but when I tasted one of her lunch meals, I suddenly wanted to go on the plan, too. She said that she’d read quite a few Nutrisystem for men reviews that said the plan works just as easily for men as it does women. Because females typically need fewer calories than men do, she orders meals that fall within a 1,500 calorie plan. Males on the diet get to eat 2,000 calories.

I let my wife order all the different meals for me and had them shipped to our house. I originally did not want to do it with her because I imagined that I would be stuck eating really generic things that I would be unhappy with. However, after tasting a few bites of the different things that she had ordered for herself, I was sold on doing it with her. I found myself checking each day to see if the mailman dropped my box of meals off each day when I came home from work.

From the time that my wife ordered all my meals for the plan to the time that they arrived was pretty short. I would say that it took 3 days at most. She ordered four weeks of food for me. I sometimes get roped into purchasing groceries when he does not have time to grocery shop, and I really looked forward to not having to go to the grocery store for four weeks. The plan is easy to do. I don’t have to think about counting calories because each of the foods that you eat is already healthy and contains just the right amount of calories.