I Wanted to Live Near My Gardening Friend

I have really been into gardening in the past 10 years. It started out when I decided that it would be fun to grow my own vegetables. Over time, I joined some social media groups and met a lot of other gardeners. I went to stay with an online friend I met in one of these groups because she lives in some Parkville MO apartments near where many of us from the group planned to have a big meet-up together. I found that I really enjoyed the area. I was living in New York where having a lot of space is a luxury that comes with a big price tag. I didn’t have a big yard to do as much gardening as I wanted. But in Missouri, everyone has all the space that a person could ask for.

I really don’t know how people do it, but there are a lot of gardners in New York. Most of them have to container gardening, which is where you grow vegetables or flowers in big plastic containers due to not havng more space. These gardeners have a balcony or at least some very big windows to put their plants in front of, but that isn’t very much. Their space is very limited. I was lucky to live right outside the city and had more space. But I dreamed of moving somewhere that would offer me even more.

The woman that I stayed with in Topeka during my visit is a very good friend of mine. We met in a gardening group online, and we hit it off really quickly. The apartment she has is very expensive to what I had in New York. As soon as I showed up to her place, she showed me her garden patio. She was able to food for a whole year on her patio. This is something that I had not been able to do. I live for gardening, and she and I are so close that I decided to move there permanently.

My Son Wantedto Move in with Me

When my son turned 14 years old, he surprised both my ex wife and myself by telling us he wanted to move in with me. It was nothing his mother had done to make him feel this way. He just wanted to spend more time with me, and we both understood that he was not making any kind of statement with his decision. Because we always put him first, I started looking at two bedroom Topeka KS apartments. He would always sack out on the couch when he would visit me at the old apartment, but I wanted him to have his own room if he was going to stay with me a lot more.

We had already determined that though he would be living with me, he would still stay with his mom a few nights out of the week. For the nights he stayed with me, I wanted him to have his own space, which meant not only his own bedroom but his own bathroom too. I found a great apartment for us at Oakbrook Terrace, and he was excited about it too when I showed it to him.

It was close to his mom’s house, which meant that we would not have to switch school districts for him, which was important for all of us. It also has a fitness gym, and I figured that he and his friends would enjoy using that probably even more than I would like it. There is also a swimming pool, picnic areas, and much more. I like the apartment myself because it has a washer and dryer in it along with a balcony and a fireplace. I definitely upgraded by moving here, and I am thrilled to have my son with me more too. I am so blessed that he wanted to do this with me.

Living Just Minutes from Work

I am pretty much a loner. I don’t have a lot of friends, and the ones I do have I rarely see because we are all scattered across the globe. No one was more surprised than me when I decided to apply for a position at a very busy company, but I also knew that if I was able to get it, I would be able to work from home a good bit too. I don’t mind taking the bad with the good when it has such great perks for me. I started looking at Leesburg apartments when I found out that I had the position.

I was not in any big hurry to find my own place because I lived close enough to drive back and forth every day at first. After the first week though, I knew that I had to find something fast because spending three hours in the car for work travel is a little much, even for a hermit like me. I started looking earnestly at apartments, and I knew I found the one that I wanted to live in when I came across a one bedroom unit that has a bathroom, a patio, and lots of storage.

The nice thing about this apartment is that it is only about ten minutes from where I work now, and that is on a bad traffic day. On a good traffic day, it takes me about five minutes to get there. It is in a quiet section of town too, which I really like. I am able to go out and walk on the trails, use the fitness center there, or just spend a quiet night in front of the TV or on the couch with a book. Living here is super nice and very convenient, and I love that I can mostly work from home too!

How My Wife Used a Party Bus to Control My 50th Birthday Celebration

I am not into parties or social events. My whole family knows this. I would rather have a day off and just be able to hang around with a few people and talk on my birthday. I do not like the club scene or going out to a big event. It is just not me. I like being around friends and family, but they all like to have big parties. For my 50th birthday party, my wife rented a Platinum Party Bus in Toronto. She knew that controlling the number of guests was going to be important to me, and you can only fit so many people onto the party buses. Of course, they have big ones that can hold almost 60 guests, so she got a smaller one that could hold about 20.

My wife helped make the setting more friendly to me by cutting the number of guests to 12. We had close family and friends in attendance. My wife also arranged a nice dinner in a private dining room. This way we could be away from the other patrons. She even hired a four-piece orchestra for the music. I really enjoyed this birthday party. I cannot help my aversion to large crowds, but I sure do enjoy being around people who are family and friends. They understand too, even though they prefer big parties for birthdays. We all had a great time together.

I enjoy talking to people and really listening. I cannot do that at big parties. Just a few friends and family lets me relax and enjoy myself. The party bus had really comfortable seating in a nice arrangement making it perfect for conversation as we went along. The beverage bar was stocked with our favorite beverages, and soothing music was being played on the sound system. I imagine most people use party buses for wild and loud parties, and that my so-called “party” was very mild by comparison. Still, it is something I really enjoyed.

My Boss Wants to Rent a Party Boss

My boss is the one who really wants to know this, but I am not sure he would like the answer for it. He likes to go to the Nascar races, of which there are only a couple of them which are really close enough for him to travel to. There is one in Watkins Glen, NY and another in Pocono, PA. Both of them are a pretty good trip if you hired a party bus for Toronto that is just going to be way too expensive. That was what I was telling him at least. So it seems like you would be better off getting something else and hiring it from someone who was based closer to where you wanted to use it. Of course what he wants is something a little different. He wants to do this so that it is all on the company’s dime and use it to impress his clients.

This happens a lot with the people who sponsor the race cars. They spend all sorts of money on luxury boxes where they have all sorts of booze and food. You splurge on all of this stuff and obviously you hope that the guy gets boozed up enough that he does not mind signing a big fat check. That is how the boss got into this stuff. One of our vendors invited him down to some place in North Carolina and showed him a great time. Now he thinks that it is a great idea and he wants to do something that is similar, but of course this would work a lot better if it was a sport that the local folk were more interested in. If the Maple Leafs were better it would obviously be better to rent a luxury booth at the Rogers Center for hockey games.

Getting Images for Your Website or Blog

Running a website really means you need access to all kinds of images. If you can make them yourself, that is really cool. They are yours, and you can copyright them with your site name using a watermark or other method. Most websites, however, get their images from other websites that sell images. Some others go for the free images that can be found. Others may take images they do not own hoping to never get caught doing it. That is not wise. Let’s take a look at an example. Say you want a picture of payment with $100 bills for your website. That would be an image of one person exchanging $100 bills to another indicating payment. This could be used for a financial or retail sales website. You might need an image like that for a blog post. Where you get it is important.

There are some giant image banks out there that sell you pictures for website use of practically anything you would ever need. With the millions of pictures that are available, you will not likely have a hard time finding an image, but you may have a hard time choosing. Some of these image banks charge top dollar for their pictures. Can you imagine just doing a daily blog post for your site’s SEO and page ranking and having to fork out $30 or more for an image to compliment your post? Even if your site is making you a fortune, who would want to do that? Now you could go to one of those image freebie sites, but many of them have lame images. You do not want to do that either.

I think Flickr is a good option. For example, take a look at this image of payment with $100 bills. Great quality and perfect for website, flyer and brochure use. You do not have to pay a fortune for images for your website or blogs, and you do not have to be worried about getting sued for absconding with another person’s images. There are options available to get all the quality pictures you need for your website or blog at very little cost.

I Found a Solution Online Very Easily

Of all the things I learned in high school, learning all that you need to know to get a job wasn’t one of them. Oh, sure, I learned about history, math, science and all the other things that you probably will not use in life, but the main topic that I found myself needing to know about this last year, I knew little about. I was consumed with what to wear to an interview, what to say, how to present myself. Searching online for much-needed info, I found a resume template on a site that had many of them. It helped instill confidence in me that I could find a job.

The issue is that I was 18 years old and suddenly feeling very alone in the world. Both of my parents had perished in a car crash. I had graduated from high school just months before, and I was 18 years old. Had it been one year earlier, there would have been people who would have stepped in to put me in the care of people who could look out for me. But because I was an adult when it happened, I was left to my own devices. I needed a way to pay the rent on my parent’s small home, pay utilities and put food on the table.

I missed my parents something fierce, but I did not have much time to grieve. I needed to begin working immediately. I spent several nights working on a resume. Because of my lack of work history, I did not have a lot of experience to put on it. But what little I did have, I wanted it to look nice. I had done a lot of volunteer work and had even worked for my dad for a short time. I made everything looked great and set out to find a job. I was lucky to find something after only 2 week’s time and get a real paycheck now!

Building a Safer Bathroom for Seniors

We had to have mom and dad’s bathroom remodeled to remove the tub and put in a walk-in shower with no threshold. They are getting older, and the tub is becoming too risky for mom to use. We had the tile treated to make it slip resistant. Instead of the drain being in the center, it was designed to drain at the back wall with a very slight slope. There is also a narrow strip drain at the door that is flush with the floor. We hired a place that does shower doors in Somerset County NJ to make a door big enough to get a shower chair through just in case mom gets to the point she cannot walk. Everything in the bathroom has been adjusted to accommodate their needs as they age.

We had more grab bars installed, and extra lighting was added smartly to avoid shadows. This helps dad to see to shave in the mirror, and allows them to not trip over anything. The bathroom has been fully insulated, and we had an electric heating system that works at the flip of a switch. It is on a timer in case they forget to shut it off. Little touches can make a difference when designing a bathroom to be used by seniors with some difficulty moving about. There is plenty you can do to make it safer. Big doorways, especially the shower doorway, and nothing to step over is important. Non-slip and treated slip-resistant flooring is very helpful. I think it may be better than having throw rugs with rubber backing in the bathroom. Those are actually a trip hazard. In order to keep their feet warm, the heat switch turns on the heat for the floor as well as overhead. No carpeting is necessary, not even a throw rug.

Save Money with a Professional

Discovering that my home had been colonized by unwanted termites was a blow. I thought I had been doing everything that I could in orer to prevent bugs from becoming a problem. Living in an older neighborhood apparently wasn’t helping me any as the termite removal in New York City pest guy told me that homes left abandoned become the center of most infestations. Colonies need to spread out and carry new queens to better ground. Old homes like mine that are filled with delicious soft wood are an all you can eat buffet for termites. Unfortunately they can easily turn a home into a potential hazard as that same soft wood is often what is supporting the entire structure of the home. Once they get into the beams or inside the walls, it’s a race against time. Older homes are at a greater risk due to their age and without quick control of the problem, it can result in a home being declared unsafe by the housing inspection agency.

It becomes more and more important for building owners to schedule annual pest inspections. Ants, cockroaches and mice are simple problems. It might be difficult to wipe them out but they are hardly as destructive as termites can be. Bed bugs are the only other bugs that can be as damaging due to their causing rashes on humans. Nobody wants bugs in their beds but nobody wants their home to fall apart around their ears more than that! Termites can be difficult to spot and with already soft, dead wood in the home it can be even more difficult to spot the damage that they’re causing. If you think you have a termite problem, don’t try to handle it yourself. Call a professional and save your money in the long run.

Using Our Saved Money for New Clothes

When my friend started on Medifast, I was really surprised to see how much weight she was losing in such a short period of time. She had wanted me to do it with her, but I honestly didn’t think that it would work as well as it did. I knew that I was late to the game, but I wanted to get some for myself. I did not have as much weight as she did to lose, so I was hoping that it would have the same effect on me. I did do a search for Medifast coupons before ordering any of the product though because I wanted to make sure that I saved as much money as I could.

It did not take very long for me to find a website that gave me a lot of information on Medifast as well as a lot of coupons that would save me money. When my friend bought her first order, she paid full price, which she told me was well worth the cost. That may be, but I do enjoy saving money, and I wanted to spend the difference that I saved on some new jeans or dresses once I lost a bit of weight.

The coupons were for different things. I could get a percentage off of my order or a certain dollar amount if I spent a specific amount of money on Medifast products. I could also get free merchandise if I purchased certain Medifast items. I ended up getting a specific dollar amount off of my order of Medifast, and I also showed my friend the website that I used. She was able to get her own coupon codes that saved her money on her next order. She liked the idea of using that saved money for new clothes too once she loses all her extra weight!

Page One of Search Engine Results

I have never pretended to begin to understand SEO for small business, and I am not about to now. I have no idea how an SEO company can get a small business owner’s website from the ninth page of search engine results to the first page in a very short amount of time, but I am proof positive that it can be done. When I first had my website created, I thought that it would automatically be on the first page of search engine results. The first time I did a search for it myself, I actually had to go through nine pages before finding it.

It was my own page, and it even exhausted me looking for it. When there are ten results in pages, and I am the eighth result on the ninth page, that means there are 97 businesses in front of my own! That was completely unacceptable to me, but I had no idea how to fix that on my own. I did a quick search on how to get better search engine results, and that is how I found out about search engine optimization. Just because I have a nice website does not mean I know how to get others to see it, and this page explained to me what I needed to know.

I had no clue how to go about getting better SEO results myself though, but thankfully I did not have to worry about that. I was able to hire a company that does this full time. They have the tools and resources necessary to get my page from the 98th spot in results to the first page of results. The nice thing about this company is that they don’t even want to settle for just being on the first page, because the 10th spot on that page is often overlooked too. I definitely chose the right company, because I am within the first few search engine results on all of the search engines I have tested my site search on!

Why I Needed a Linux VPS Instead of One Running Other Operating Systems

I like using an online VPS because they are inexpensive when compared to the cost of a host providing a dedicated server for files, websites, game servers and other stuff. A VPS is like having your own separate computer connected to ultra high speed Internet access, but it is actually one of many compartmentalized servers running on a single computer. My issue is that I wanted a Linux VPS instead of the other operating systems that are out there. So many people that are managing their own servers are more familiar with the other commercial operating systems that finding a really good Linux based virtual private server was difficult for me.

I am used to the Linux OS. I can make it do anything I need it to to run the content management software that controls my website and the e-commerce software that powers my inventory and sales activity. I would have a steep learning curve to switch to another OS on a VPS or even dedicated server. Using a VPS is less expensive because you are sharing the actual hardware of RAM and the CPU with other users. You are in your own OS environment with all of your files separate on your own part of a drive.

The computers are so powerful nowadays that there is no noticeable lag for the multiple instances of the OS running on a VPS using the same hardware. Being that so much can be packed into use on one piece of computer equipment is why the savings are there. If you are on your own dedicated server, you are paying for that whole computer on your own.

Still, fining a good Linux VPS was more difficult for me. So many are Windows based because that is what many people know how to use today. My website requires a Linux OS because of some of the proprietary code I have written myself that runs the content management system that operates my website. I’m not even sure I could rewrite it to work in a Windows or iOS environment. I needed a Linux VPS for it to work flawlessly.

I Like to Shop Online on Black Friday

I always thought that Black Friday meant you had to get up at an unreasonable hour and wait hours in long lines to get a great deal on something. That is what I used to do up until last year anyway. That is when I found out that I could get some really great Black Friday online deals too. I didn’t mind going out and shopping when my best friend would go with me, but she always has to work on Black Friday now. Because of that, it is just not as fun.

That did not mean I still did not want to take advantage of the deals though. When I found out that I could just go online and get some of the same incredible deals, plus some that aren’t even advertised in the stores, I knew that I was going to try that instead of battling the crowds. I figured if I missed some incredible buys because I chose to sit on my couch instead of outside during the freezing weather, then I would just chalk it up to bad luck and hit the front lines myself the next Black Friday.

Thankfully, I did not have to worry about that, because I was able to get some amazing deals on Black Friday last year by shopping online instead of at the actual store’s physical locations. I am not talking about stores that only deal online either. Some of my favorite stores were having incredible deals, and I was actually able to take advantage of all of them. That is something that has never happened when I would go out and shop in person. The stores are just too far apart to hit all of them. Shopping online means that they are just a click away from each other. Yeah, I definitely like this kind of shopping better!

Getting Ready to Work on My Own is Not Hard

I have been telling my husband for the past year or so that I wanted to be my own boss. He reminded me that when you do not have to work for anyone else, you are responsible for every little thing for your own business, and that can be tough. Hearing that made me realize that I needed to do my research ahead of time to get ready for things that I would need. He pointed out that his friends use an invoice generator for all of their invoicing purposes, and I will need to pay attention to things like that to keep everything organized on my end.

I wondered if the program that my husband mentioned would be out of my price range, so I did some snooping online and found a program that does it for free. I read over the page thoroughly to make sure that I was not missing anything, but it looked very thorough in all of the things that it allows you to do. The best part is that you can set it up so that anyone that you invoice can simply press a button and pay you instantly. This did not seem so hard to handle at all. I quickly downloaded it and already have it ready to use.

I figured that it would be a good idea to do some more searching to figure out what other things that I would need to handle. I found some great articles for first-time business owners that explained everything in depth, yet very simply so that someone like me could understand everything. It really did not seem like this would be as tough as my husband thinks it will be. Setting things up seems like the easy part. The real test will be to make sure that I stay focused with getting my work done in the first place.

Teaching Children by Letting Them Participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal Shopping

Our kids help us save on their holiday gifts. They are frugal and pick the one electronic item they want or actually may need for school above all the other stuff being offered. Then they wait for the announcement of the Cyber Monday 2015 deals that will be available after Black Friday. The pre-announced deals make it so they can decide whether we should go out on Black Friday or wait until Cyber Monday to get their major holiday gift. They come to us armed with data and sales circulars from all of the stores along with printouts from stuff they have seen online.

They are like little shopping experts. They compare the brands and the manufacturing specs. They look at averages for reviews and are ready to explain why a certain specification for one product is superior to that of another. It may all sound cute, but it is actually helping them to become highly discerning shoppers. We don’t want our kids just buying stuff because they saw a flashy ad. We want them to know where the money is going and what they are getting in return for any money spent regardless if it is a gift or their earnings.

My wife is a real deal spotter. She knows it is more than just the price of something that determines its value. She is instilling this knowledge into our children. Who knows, they may be in a position one day making decisions for purchasing millions of dollars of something for a major corporation. Even if that never happens, they will have to be able to control their own budgets that include paying bills, managing credit and making purchases of things from groceries to laptop computers. Cyber Monday shopping and its counterpart of Black Friday sales can be used as a teaching tool with kids.