My Son Wantedto Move in with Me

When my son turned 14 years old, he surprised both my ex wife and myself by telling us he wanted to move in with me. It was nothing his mother had done to make him feel this way. He just wanted to spend more time with me, and we both understood that he was not making any kind of statement with his decision. Because we always put him first, I started looking at two bedroom Topeka KS apartments. He would always sack out on the couch when he would visit me at the old apartment, but I wanted him to have his own room if he was going to stay with me a lot more.

We had already determined that though he would be living with me, he would still stay with his mom a few nights out of the week. For the nights he stayed with me, I wanted him to have his own space, which meant not only his own bedroom but his own bathroom too. I found a great apartment for us at Oakbrook Terrace, and he was excited about it too when I showed it to him.

It was close to his mom’s house, which meant that we would not have to switch school districts for him, which was important for all of us. It also has a fitness gym, and I figured that he and his friends would enjoy using that probably even more than I would like it. There is also a swimming pool, picnic areas, and much more. I like the apartment myself because it has a washer and dryer in it along with a balcony and a fireplace. I definitely upgraded by moving here, and I am thrilled to have my son with me more too. I am so blessed that he wanted to do this with me.

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