Renowned Author and Visionary Embarks on a Unique Journey in the Intersection of Faith and Craftsmanship

In a groundbreaking move, Shannon Jacobs, celebrated author, editor, and innovative co-founder of, announces the formation of a Christian knitting group in partnership with the Women’s Ministry at Family Blessings Worship Center. 

This group, called the “Praise & Purl Group,” deeply rooted in Shannon’s multifaceted talents and commitment to faith-based community work, promises to inspire those seeking spiritual growth through creative expression.

Shannon expresses, “Artistic expression isn’t just a creative outlet; it profoundly connects with one’s spirituality, fostering a deeper understanding of faith. In the communal embrace of shared artistic endeavors, we discover the beauty of individual beliefs and the strength that blossoms when a community unites in creative expression.”

Crafting Faith: The Essence of the Christian Knitting Group

The Praise & Purl Group, an extension of Shannon’s holistic approach, invites participants to intertwine their faith with the rhythmic and contemplative nature of knitting. By blending traditional craftsmanship with spirituality, participants can find a unique pathway to connect with their beliefs and foster a sense of community.

“For our first project, we plan on creating as many beanies and onesies as we can to donate to local hospitals for prematurely born babies while we discuss and study Scriptures,” she added. 

The Praise & Purl Group emerges not merely as a knitting circle but as a spiritual odyssey guided by a visionary, fostering connections and nurturing the holistic well-being of mind, body, and spirit.

As Shannon Jacobs embarks on this unique venture with the Praise & Purl Group, her digital presence offers a window into her multifaceted world of faith, creativity, and community engagement.

For those interested in following her journey and staying updated with her latest projects and initiatives, Shannon can be found on various social media platforms. On Reddit, she engages in discussions and shares insights related to faith, knitting, and her other areas of expertise, providing a platform for interaction with a diverse online community. Her Facebook page is a hub of activity where she posts updates, shares moments from her group sessions, and connects with her followers, offering a more personal glimpse into her life and work. 

Additionally, Shannon regularly contributes articles on Medium, where she delves deeper into topics that resonate with her audience, including the intersections of faith, creativity, and community work. Following Shannon on these platforms not only keeps you informed about her endeavors but also provides inspiration and a sense of connection with her vibrant community.

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